Building A Community Of Like Minded People

Home Businesses Were Not Designed To Be Built On Your Own!

Our goal is to earn long term income through team building and the power of 2!

What Are You Searching For?  Maybe We Can Help!

Are you like most aspiring entrepreneurs who understand the power that a home business offers yet you still struggle to harness that power for yourself?
Do you jump from opportunity to opportunity trying to find the Holy Grail of Home Businesses only to get the same result time and again?

If there was a way for you to build a solid income in an inexpensive opportunity with the help of others would you want to know about it?

Keep reading to see how you can be involved with our community.

2 X 15 Team Build

We will help you to build your team in a new and inexpensive home buisiness opportunity by helping you to get 2 referrals

Team Link Rotator

Your referral link will be placed in our team rotator and advertised until you have 2 referrals and then we will help them as well

Team Websites

You will have access to team lead capture pages to use to build your team of prospects and referrals

Team Ad Coop

You will have the opportunity to join in our team ad coop to help accelerate your team building

  R E S I D U A L   I N C O M E

Not Everyone Can Do It Without Help

What is long term Residual Income and how can we get it within the network marketing model using the power of 2?
Residual Income is income that comes in long after you did the hard work to earn it and can continue to grow with less effort if you help others to succeed.

The problem is that most people think they can earn residual income without ever doing anything and that is not the case but team building within the network marketing model can make this work easier and more efficient but you still must be engaged with your business especially in the beginning.

You shouldn't see a mountain in front of you.  Your goal is 2 referrals and that is our goal for you and for everyone and as you attain it we switch gears and work for others.  The best part is that you can still get paid without referrals while you are building your team.  That is exciting!

This Is Made For People Who Struggle To Recruit

What Makes This A Must Join Opportunity!

This is affordable to the massess at only $10/month.

Earning up to $2000/month is possible without having to recruit others but you can earn 50% Matching Bonuses when you do.

We have a team building funnel with lead pages to attract pospects to our team and then we have an automated follow up process in place to drip info on them to show the value added benefits of being a member of our team.

To put this process on autopilot we have added a paid coop that gets the traffic and prospects for you.


When You Realize You Can't Do It Alone!

If you are someone who wants long term residual income and you want to be a part of our team building effort then we welcome you to take a quick survey to see how we can make this happen.

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